Uncertainty Network Office  -  UN-Office

Uncertainty Network Office (“UN-Office”)

is an unofficial, unlicensed and unprofitable group of architects, urban designers & artists. We call ourselves an office while it’s actually not one. “An” and “Un-” is not only a pun but also conveys our focus on duality, contradiction, complication and ambiguity in architecture, art, urban and humanity. We’re fascinated by the uncertainty of post-modernity and post-capitalist society and obsessed by the network where various territories and hierarchies are converged. So we named our group as “Uncertainty Network Office”.
UN-Office was founded by Fang Xiaoyang in 2017. Fang didn’t expect this as a site-anchored official office, but more like a community-in-air; no employee but members. Each of the group members has each own job during the daytime while discuss and design our UN-Office projects at night.   We work on some hypothetical projects whose owners are ourselves. We do seek to be a practical and official office with built work but we’re not in a hurry. We enjoy the time seeking a way from underground to the upper level.