James Whistle conjured modernity to lost and unseen PSYCHIC SPACE, filled with spirits of Nature. As we know, Chinese water-painting and Japanese Ukiyo-e, with aesthetics of transparency, weightlessness, dematerialization of silence and emphasis of rhythm, focus on pursuit of psychic. And it offers me an inspiration how I can combine Chinese culture with modern architecture in souls: extract the spirits from traditional Chinese paintings and shape them into a PSYCHIC SPACE.
2017    Hangzhou, China

Blur makes things void of details, with only shading, rhythm, pattern left, which are regarded as essence, in Chinese painting. After reducing details and chaos, it is easier for us to reach universal principle and psychic parts. Bring the thinking of nothing, so does the panorama of everything.

Due to the fog generating from the water in the glass wall, pattern and transparency vary in time: fog grows and transparency deceases from morning to noon; reduces and inceases afterwards. So walls let less sunlight go into the space and regulate the temperature,homogenizing lighting to a suitable level sideways automatically.
In summer, walls reduce sunlight to avoid scorching while in winter walls let sunlight in to warm the rooms, so that energy-efficiency is realised.

1. entrance courtyard 2. pool 3. plaza 4. parking 5. garden 6. office parking 7. entrance hall 8. shopping 9. cafe/tearoom 10. library  11. storage 12. gallery 13. meeting hall 14. learning center 15. multiuse 16. research 17. archive 18. office 19. logistic plaz 20. wetland lake

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