" A Ruin With Dome & Walls" is a Museum for Chinese Cultural Revolution. I use one of my Favorite film "Sun Also Rises" as a blueprint and interpret it into spaces. As Culture Revolution remains a topic of forbidden zone, the film uses metaphor, chapterization and flashback to tell the story in a obscure way so as to pass censors. I abstract these three strategies and interpret them into metaphorical form, zoning and double circulation, so that the experience through the spiral slopes in the museum turns out to be a navigation in film.

Hiroshima, Japan,  2014-2015

The museum is like an upside-down dome buried underground and galleries stacking in it like ruins of Roman Orders. The museum is designed to be a scene of ruins. The dome is subdivided into three parts: galleries, meditation space and memorial space. Visitors can choose their own circulations, namely individual sequence between these three spaces, by using slope or stairs. So they can get their own experience and interpretation of history in this sublime space of ruins.